If I got a dollar for every time someone exalted the devil consciously or unconsciously, I’d be a wealthy girl. We are so quick to talk about the all powerful arms of evil.

“Who can blame anyone really?”

Everywhere you turn, there is some injustice, that weakens our resolve to believe in the healing power of love. What do you call the needless deaths that have occurred in Nigeria in the past few weeks? Someone might say “the devil is at work again” and I would just let out a deep sigh.

Sometimes I wonder if we would get better results in our country if people swore to the devil instead. The palpable fear that comes from knowing, the forces of evil don’t mess around might turn Nigeria around in 5 minutes.

Try this simple test and put a sign up that says “don’t trespass devil worshippers here” and no one would bother you. They would leave you be, in hopes that you won’t harm them.

What if we truly believe in God like we claim? What if we really trusted love instead of fear? Won’t we know that we don’t need to cajole people to give to each other, because in doing this they give to God? Would we be brave enough to tell our congregation that the Greek translation of the word “sin, syn” means ‘to miss the mark’ not to constantly judge yourself to death and atone for the sins in the offering basket with stolen funds?

Today is a good day to let go of romancing the devil in hopes that you will be set free. Evil leads to bondage not freedom. We can turn to the light instead and experience true freedom. We truly need to decide, who or what we believe in? The constant show of evil, in the face of endless crusades, cannot silence the truth within our beings.

We are creatures of love, born out of the sheer brilliance of a Universal Intelligence.

Love truly is the strongest force on in the universe and we need to let go of our obsession with the devil to truly embrace this truth. If we truly believe in God, we would understand love and there would be no need for the split personalities that walk these streets. What we are on Fridays or Sundays would be who we are at work on Monday. We would truly care for ourselves and each other.

Perhaps with deep breathes we can release the fearful programming of the all powerful evil forces as we embrace the light of God. We can focus on BEING instead of DOING.

May our collective lights be the force that drives out darkness.


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