Catching Feelings?

I sure hope so. I have interacted with some members of The Thinking School communities, recently and all I can say is, I have massive respect for all of you.

Young adults in Nigeria are a courageous lot. Many of us were born in the 1980s, when corruption started to take root. We did not have the luxury of quality public education, scholarships and government handouts that the previous generation enjoyed. Still, thanks to our parents foresight and for some inspite of the gross neglect from parental figures, we are blazing the trail.

I have met social innovators in their 30s, who are breaking new grounds with zero support. I have also, met brilliant professionals making it happen in multinationals, SMEs and in their own business. I am always, in awe of people who make something out of nothing. I see and respect all of you.

It is in our generation that you have to deal with high costs of private tuition for children or wards, because we cannot rely on the public alternative. Medical bills are enormous, cost of renting or buying a property is beyond reason.

Depending on what you read, Nigeria has one of the most expensive real estates in Africa.

Still, there is a “self made” young woman, who managed to buy herself a property in upscale Banana Island. Isn’t that something?

Next week, students are back in school and all you brave parents have gone through hell and back to make it happen. I salute your tenacity and focus. The young people who have to deal with incessant strikes whilst passing through our tertiary educational system are the real VVIPs.

I see all you makeup artists, programmers, caterers, creative entrepreneurs and innovators who work hard to rise above our national challenges. There is nothing more courageous than being a Nigerian who chooses to evolve past, societal limitations.

Are you Catching Feelings yet? Maybe you are one of the many, I spoke with recently, whose lifestyle has changed in the past 3years. The recession hit you hard and you can barely survive. You who say that it is “a miracle you didn’t take your own life”.

Hear me, when I say not committing suicide is courageous. Choosing to think in the realm of possibilities will pay off. Trust your process. I can’t wait to see things get progressively better for you as you commit to your evolution.

How are we doing today? What is that challenge you face alone in the dark?

You can share with someone you trust or stare into the mirror in defiance. You know deep down that you have survived since the 80s and 2017, got nothing on you.

Today is to celebrate all our numerous slay kings and queens, whose sheer brilliance and determination is the reason we still, have a country. No one expected this nation to stand and depending on where you look we are either falling apart or rebuilding.

How are you doing today? Courageous change agent, living under the African sun. I know the challenges are enormous. However I also, know that somehow, we were made for times like this.

Let’s catch feelings today. Celebrate the little victories.

If you will, let’s share, encourage one another and forge alliances that help push us FORWARD.

May our collective lights be the force that drives out darkness.


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