.Ever heard of house lizards? Those transparent looking creatures that lie peacefully on the walls of some homes. You have to really struggle to notice them as they can be quite unassuming. If you are afraid of all things reptiles, these ones would surely gross you out.


Living in the NOW, means I pay attention to everything, including the Gecko by my window at 3AM in the morning. The first time I saw it, I freaked out. These days, I look out for him or her, curious as to what it brings to my space. This unassuming animal, led me to read articles written by wild life experts. As I read article after article, I became aware of some important lessons, this tiny animal brings to my consciousness.


Some interesting facts about the gecko culled from Connect Nigeria are:


1) The wall gecko throws off its tail when frightened, and grows another one later. This is called caudal autotomy. Nature’s intention in this is to catch the attention of the supposed attacker, as the tail which continues to wiggle distracts them long enough for the gecko to escape.


2). Geckos are typically not biters, but they can bite when they feel attacked or distressed. In any case, their bite is too gentle to pierce the skin or cause harm.


These interesting facts, left me in awe for more than a few minutes. As I thought about it, it started to make more meaning.


The self protective nature of this animal reminded me of times when I refused to allow my vulnerability shine. These are usually in moments of perceived danger, when I feel, I am under attack. I run away from those situations leaving a part of me behind, knowing I that in healing, I evolve.


The next reminder was my nature of LOVE, which I believe is who we all are. I remember when I articulated my purpose clearly, sometime last year and it sounded so cool… hippy almost. I mean…you know, “my purpose is to embody the love that I AM and guide others to the LOVE within their BEINGs”. I went to town with this message and attracted so many humans. Each person wanted me to be a cross between something celestial, perfect and loving. This “loving nature” is based on their subjective beliefs that to be love means you accept everything, no matter the cost to my own soul.


Naturally, I struck back, enough to change the narrative. The thinking mind might never understand a love that feeds you carrots when you want chocolates, but the soul knows and this is always enough. The reason I sleep easy.


Love is the willingness to support another’s material and spiritual growth and sometimes this means saying NO to them, no matter how bad they want it. Love is both vulnerable and wise. The act of loving is the nurturing path to human evolution and our greatest hope for raising collective consciousness.


As I start my day with the rains, I am reminded of the nature of life on earth. The school of life or The Thinking School like I call it, exists in the theatre of BEING. It is not in a location. Our life’s school is in our dealings with nature and human interactions. The miraculous exchange of breathes, between man and plants is in itself one of the humbling lessons of life.


What questions are you asking today? Perhaps the gecko on your wall knows that which you seek? Maybe the answer to your silent prayers is the miraculous stranger with a beautiful smile dancing on their lips.


Today is a good day to pay attention to your BEING. Stop seeking answers in all the wrong places. Look at what is in front of you, weighing each experience from the authenticity of your own soul.


May our collective lights be the force that drives out darkness.


Photo Credit: Google Images/Becon Ajoonu


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