Reawakening Consciousness

As I make progress in my Teaching Career, I am privileged to meet amazing humans. After every seminar, workshop or meeting, I listen to all the questions from the audience.

There is an unmistakeable reawakening of consciousness in our generation. People are questioning everything from patriarchy to religion, governments, culture, spirituality and social behaviours. More women are choosing to keep their maiden names. Some men are finally, exercising their right to salty tears when they feel the need to relieve internal stress. People are questioning the norm even in conservative Nigeria! Remember, ours is a culture of silence.

Or is this changing?

You just have to look at how far secret groups that allow freedom of expression have come, to know that this generation is waking up. People are not accepting mediocrity anymore. They are reading books, learning from abundant internet resources, social media groups, trainings, a world with no online borders and rich offline conversations.

Who could have imagined that topics like “astral projection”, “religion”, “purpose”, “consciousness”, “creativity “, “innovation”, “authenticity”, or “advocacy “, would become dinner table topics in Nigeria?

Today, we are talking about the unusual stuff and this matters. In an Elon Musk world, it is no longer all about firewood flavoured jollof rice. Thoughts are shifting to the possibilities of enjoying this bright red delicacy in Mars someday. Such is the the reality of our times. Fast paced, innovative no other.

You might say thoughts are not moving that fast in Nigeria. We still have our generator noises interrupting peaceful meditation. You are not wrong in this line of thought, however, if you look outside your window, you just might just find someone who is showing love, instead of placing numerous religious stickers on their cars.

As thought paradigms shift, we are all too aware of its’ uncertainty. Nothing is more unstable than the 21st century job, friendship or marriage. With increased knowledge comes a shift in the behavioural patterns that supported some institutions.

What happens now? Should you be terrified?

Should we slow things down, or do we keep pushing for our ultimate goal which is enlightenment?

I think a mind once expanded cannot go back to its original state. Our consciousness is being elevated by our collective desire to expand learning frontiers as we embrace our individual authenticity. We are moving in the direction of making impossibilities possible. I don’t see how this ends negatively for us, especially since we are learning instead of judging.

If you remember, that there is no blueprint for living, you will accept where you are now as you seek your evolution. There is so much that we can create from our minds, as we let go of fearful thoughts and limiting beliefs, keeping our minds tuned into the frequencies of our universe. ‘The odds are rigged in our favour.’ Our lives are evolving as it should. Instead of judging the difference between us and our parents, perhaps it’s time to accept that microwave speed is not such a bad thing.

There is no one way of being. What do you call yourself? An innovative thinker, loner or weird? What does your unique story teach you and others? How can you use personal adversity to inspire action?

So many questions this morning. All the answers are within us. Go inwards and show up in this world as you are.

May our collective lights be the force that drives out darkness.


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