Every waking moment is a fresh opportunity, to release negative energy, embracing the love that is inside every single one of us.  At the core of our BEINGS is a love so eternally pure, filled with light, peace, oneness and endless creativity.

Love is who we are. We do not seek to become love, for we are love in its purest form. It is so easy to see how love works, by observing nature.

Take for instance your amazing physical body. Notice the fine art of breathing taking place effortlessly within you. You don’t have to remember, to breathe (thank goodness, we may forget with all the endless mind chatter), it just happens. Feel your heart beat ever so gently or the spark in your big African eyes. Notice, that none of those are your creations. They happen miraculously, as if there was someone within you doing all the work for free. Isn’t life so amazing?

Notice how abundant nature is and the endless sea of clouds above. The colour is the same, whether you live in America, Thailand or Nigeria. We all get these natural privileges, no matter who are where we are. Granted, some cultures take better care of Mother Nature, still, she is kind enough to bless us all with great beauty.

Notice how it rains on both rich and por. Nature couldn’t care less who rides a Bugatti or a Bicycle. Instead she would give of herself to all her children in equal measure.

Our collective egos are obsessed with competition, inequality of human lives, separation and mass greed. Heavens forbid that we are all of equal importance. The mind cannot fathom the expansive love of God. It does not understand unmerited favour or extravagant grace. I make no attempt to speak to your thinking mind. It would only try to intellectualise this piece and make it some illogical treatise.

I would love to speak directly to your heart, the seat of love and eternal consciousness. Close your eyes, if you will and feel the expanding love flowing from your heart to the core of your BEING. Feel the love energy inside of you that wants to help make soul work a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Open your eyes to the miracle of we call life. Notice every single life form, around you. Be kind to plant a smile on your lips as you move around today. Be generous using kind words, as you reconcile separated parts of yourself, helping others find their true North’s.

I truly believe none of us is self-made. We are greatly helped by God and each other. Show some gratitude for all that you are. Say thank you to those who have helped you on your journey.

May our collective lights be the force that drives out darkness.



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