“Unrest and pain and sorrow are the shadows of life. There is no heart in all the world that has not felt the sting of pain, no mind that has not been tossed upon the dark waters of trouble, no eye that has not wept the hot, blinding tears of unspeakable anguish.” James Allen.

Pain and suffering which brings about fear is not unknown to man. The revolutionary mind that was James Allen lived in the 19th century, yet his words resonate with us still.

These series on unlearning fear have opened my heart to endless possibilities. The more I interact with people who are eager to let go of their paralysing fear in pursuit of life, I realise that our generation truly wants to LIVE. We want to experience life in a way that is authentic, purposeful and fulfilling. A heart filled with fear cannot wake up to joy. The fear will speak loudest in both good and bad times. Many people want to move away from that which does not empower them. Every session, I have had in the past two weeks starts with this question?

‘How do I get rid of my paralysing fear of life?’

People would usually phrase that question differently, seeking the same answer. In their eyes I would usually see, an interesting blend of darkness and light. The mind knows our fears all too well. The heart on the other hand is ready to let go or like they say was born ready.

“How do we let go of fear?” Someone might be asking right now.

In my one on one sessions we start with a 30 days approach and scale up from there, knowing that it is a life long journey, however, there is one universal truth on illusory fear.

“Perfect love casts out fear.” The Bible.

Love and fear are unable to coexist without one influencing the other. As with the candle light, thrown into great darkness, love is the eternal force that replaces fear.

Fear is not a sustainable emotion. This is the reason children who were abused can someday with the help of a loving human or professional, find the courage to confront their abusers. Fear can temporarily bind people together, until that tiny little candle light enters the room. Once we start to see more clearly, we might add more candles. As our hearts become brighter, we see life as it truly is. A moment to moment miraculous blessing that we can enjoy fully. We start to realise that the fears were illusions brought about by the collective shadows of all who influenced us. Many of whom never ventured on the self awareness journey. They accepted everything they were told even when it did not align with their supreme intuitive knowledge.

Fearful people avoid loving humans for good reason. The fear knows the potency of love so it would rather not experience its transformative powers.

So you may still be asking:

“How do we overcome fear?”

My simple answer is to become aware of the love that you are. Realise that you are the awareness that sees the fear not the fear itself. Make peace with all that is and allow your unconscious mind show you the truth of your existence.

Love is who we are. Let’s keep our eyes on love, starting right NOW. You can bank on love.

May our collective lights be the force that drives out darkness.


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