The Fear Illusion

According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, the definition of fear is: An unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger and accompanied by increased autonomic activity.

The subject of fear has been thoroughly discussed and sometimes the job of a motivational speaker is to get you to “do it afraid”. Tony Robbins, believes that fear exists in everyone of us, but we can choose to be courageous by overcoming our fears and forging ahead. Some others believe that fear is our way of protecting ourselves. I mean if we didn’t have fears what kind of life would that be?

Spiritual teachers believe that we are collectively hallucinating which makes fear more real than love. Our paranoia, anxiety and desperation is caused because we do not live in the now. We think about the past and feel some form of regret and thoughts of our future fills us with dread. We imagine all the possible negative outcomes and choose misery over happiness or joy.

“Fear is the emotional response to the perception of an alternating loss of control and regaining of control. By ‘control’ I mean any conscious act of mind and body. The alternation between control and lack of it must occur in varying degrees of intensity and inconsistent periods of time. This alternation insures an element of surprise and keeps the perceiver off balance emotionally so that he cannot construct a set of mental expectations and thereby reimpose control” [David R. Saliba, A Psychology of Fear: The Nightmare Formula of Edgar Allan Poe (Lantham, MD: University Press of America, 1980), p. 5].

As someone who studied Economics, I am interested in “the opportunity cost of fear”. What is fear costing you? Are your fears imaginary or real?

How do you know you will never find the right guy or get married?

How do you know no one will ever value you or love you for you?

Who told you that to make money you need to become truly desperate and rob your conscience of sleep?

What is the cause of your present unhappiness? Are you truly sad because of something that has happened or an imagined future occurrence?

How do you know that people ignore you because you are from a poor background? Do you carry you carry a poverty certificate around?

What’s your biggest fear? Is it justified this fear or is it your ego’s attempt to control that which is beyond your immediate control?

I have always kept a gratitude journal, but recently decided to document my fears including the imaginary bus driver, I think might hit me every time I drive out of my house in Lagos. I spend up to 30 minutes writing down my fears, until my palms feel sweaty. Then, I come back to my journal to read in a more relaxed mood. I have been known to laugh out loud sometimes, when reading my ‘fear journal’.

I do have the mind of a creative person. I imagine all kinds of things including the fear of “growing a third leg”. What if I disfigured my body, who would love me? Or the fear of going insane, after all I am a mind Therapist, what if I loose my own damn mind?

On Saturday August 20, 2016 we will be having our 3rd monthly mind experience seminar. To conquer fear, we will acknowledge it and then dissolve it with positive actions and mindfulness. We will be meeting in the jungle this time hahahaha. You heard that one right, in the JUNGLE!

Mind Experience 3.0 takes place at the Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos, Nigeria. We will have over 30 people on the canopy walk screaming “blood of Jesus”. We will spend 6 hours with nature, meditate and learn about FEAR.
If the still small voice in your head is telling you to join us, please send an email to

The dress code is jungle look! It is going to be the kind of seminar you wish you have attended before now. Book a your space!

Now I am very afraid hehehehe….No am not!


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